About us

We use infrastructure, IoT and data insights to create a safer, informed community for the future.

The creation of LiXiA

LiXiA was created in 2019 to improve the world through digital activation of the built and natural environment. The company was established by the directors of Rockfield Technologies Australia founded in 2000, in collaboration with the e-research professor of James Cook University.

Thanks to grant funding and industry support, the company is in an exciting growth stage, expanding its market presence throughout Australia.

Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to safe, intelligent infrastructure.

Our Vision

To provide smart infrastructure that supports society. We want to create an earth where infrastructure assets actively identify, communicate, and mitigate problems to protect communities.

A network of knowledge

We deeply understand the ecosystems we operate in, which is a testament to the experience of our founders and staff.


Our four co-founders bring years of experience from academic research organisations worldwide. Their expertise spans science, engineering, business, informatics and IoT.


The founders are located across Australia, from Sydney to Perth, ensuring reliable service and market access that our stakeholders and customers require.

The hub of LiXiA activity is in our Townsville-based design studio. It is here where we design and prototype IoT hardware for specific industry use-cases. We augment the design studio with our data analytics capability, providing data insights – machine learning and AI inspired through physics. The latter is particularly important to fast-track learning with minimal data sets. The team’s vast knowledge and expertise create a complimentary collaborative approach. Skills are harnessed to develop life-saving products and services to revolutionize the maintenance, productivity, and liveability of our built environment.

Our Team

Founded in 2019, our team has grown rapidly since.

Bringing together an array of industry expertise, our team are at the forefront of technology.

Simon Igloi

Chief Executive Officer

Simon has BSc in Environmental Management and Ecology and has been combining that knowledge with his passion for IT and data for a decade with the Townsville City Council, overseeing significant rollouts of IoT devices. Continuous learning is paramount in this area, and Simon's past journey in local government has provided him with a broad skill set to build on, including Project Management, Understanding Big Data, Catchment Management, Water Demand Management as well as the management of staff, customers, and other stakeholders.

Simon has a knack for problem solving and looking at problems form multiple angles to find fit for purpose solutions that may just be outside the usual box. Simon joined the start-up LIXIA as general manager in 2021 and was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer to accelerate LiXiA’s impact across the flash flood monitoring space.

Jeff Loughran

Director, Founder

Jeff is an experienced Founder, having established a successful multi-discipline engineering consultancy 20 years ago whilst he was the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Discipline at a research University. Jeff then spent 23 years working across a range of academic and administrative portfolios, including his final role at as Deputy Vice Chancellor at James Cook University (JCU).

Jeff has extensive experience at Company Board level and is proficient in determining and establishing strategic direction, whilst managing corporate governance and returns to shareholders.

Govinda Pandey

Director, Founder and CFO

Govinda has spent 15+ years working in the private sector for a range of civil and multi-disciplinary engineering companies. Govinda is an experienced Managing Director and possesses a breadth of experience from international training/practice. As CEO of a consultancy, his innovative approach has resulted in the fusion of I4.0 technologies with traditional engineering practices, to address industry problems.

Govinda is a strategic engagement specialist with robust experience in business development into new markets. He is also an adjunct associate professor at James Cook University and sits on multiple advisory boards in the civil engineering and academic sectors.

Ian Atkinson

Director, Founder and CTO

Ian began his early career in computational chemistry and high-performance computing (HPC). With the emergence of advanced technologies, Ian became a Professor in eResearch starting with HPC and ICT practices, before focussing on IoT/IIoT and data management. Ian’s more recent work has involved pioneering I4.0 technologies in environmental monitoring research and industry projects.

Ian’s vast academic and industry experience has provided him with comprehensive skills in leading teams that apply new and ever-changing technologies and methods to their work and research, amplifying impact.

Thomas Bainbridge

Director, Founder and COO

Tom has 10 years’ experience in the resources, heavy, private and public infrastructure sectors. Tom is an Engineer and MBA (MGSM) trained Operations Management professional within the consulting sector. He has robust experience in operationalising company growth, including implementation of integrated management systems to improve productivity. He brings solid project experience in domestic and international project delivery, from the development of engineering design and commissioning programmes, through to the management and direction of large projects.

Tom is a strategic business development practitioner, experienced in developing and sustaining stakeholder relationships.

Dr. Clive Skarott AM

Chair of the Board

Clive has vast experience at Board level, being a previous Chair or Ergon Energy and a Director with Energy Queensland. All his previous positions are too numerous to list, suffice to say that Clive brings a wealth of experience to LiXiA’s board.

Chris Bridges-Taylor

Chris Bridges-Taylor

Non-Executive Director

Chris Bridges-Taylor is a Director and previous General Manager at B&R Enclosures. Chris has extensive experience in managing manufacturing entities and holds, Bachelor of Engineering Electrical (1st Class Honours) and a Masters of Business Administration.

Ms Bridges-Taylor has completed the Owners/Presidents Management Executive education course at Harvard Business School, Boston MA, USA, and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Karl Mohring

Product Development Engineer

Bimal Paneru

Electrical Engineer

Tom Chase

Electronics Technician

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