Real-time situational awareness

Insight to protect communities

Our flood monitoring solutions provide councils and emergency services with life-saving information and situational awareness. Moment-to-moment digital updates are transmitted using sensor technology offering more time to plan, warn, evacuate and act.

More time to prepare and act

During a recent flood event, our sensor technology measured the peak flood level one hour before the local BOM station—proving that the LiXiA system can provide significantly earlier warning and flood evacuation time frames.

How our technology assists

flood monitoring graph animation

Get in touch with the team at LiXiA to get ahead of disasters.

Technology & features

Cutting-edge technology with features to make your community safer.

ai machine learning

AI & machine learning

Various sensors feed data into algorithms for a multi-layered approach to providing you data insights.

Real-time information

Get instant visibility into the precise conditions and situation – before things change.

Rapid installation & scalability

Based on wireless technologies, our sensor platform is built for fast installation and easy scalability.


Receive automated reports and visual data with essential, timely information to plan, act and respond.

Customised dashboard & reports

Get the information that matters most to you and your community.

Flood maps integration

API data integration with your preferred software system.

Solutions to suit

Working with the LiXiA team provides you access to a network of specialists dedicated to developing the flood monitoring system to suit your region and requirements.

LiXiA’s real-time flood monitoring solution gets you ahead of disaster with earlier warning and evacuation times to protect your community.

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