LiXiA Solutions

LiXiA has designed products and services to help revolutionise the maintenance, productivity, and liveability of our built environment.


Pervasive, Ubiquitous Knowledge (PUK) sensors sense, process and transmit critical data to the LiXiA cloud in near real time. The LiXiA PUK features rugged industrial design for years of trouble-free asset monitoring.

Our solar powered PUK can be attached to power poles to monitor pole health through vibration sensors, light sensors and microclimate information. This device is designed to last up to 10 years in even the harshest conditions.


Data from this device can be used to create a dynamic digital twin of electricity infrastructure.



LiXiA has designed a level sensor that can accurately measure distances up to 12m. This unit, battery powered, designed for continuous use for a minimum of 5 years.​

20-minute readings can be used to assess a range of environmental conditions, from river height to overland flow and conductor to ground clearance and tide heights.

2-way communications allow for remote control of the device, with transmission interval able to be adjusted to suit emerging needs, i.e. 5 minute readings during flood events.


We can utilise satellite backhaul capabilities to deploy the devices in even the remotest of areas.

If the device is attached to an overhead conductor, conductor temperature can also be captured as an added benefit.


If this device is paired with low cost weather stations, which LiXiA can also provide, a catchment wide high resolution flood intelligence network can be established.

How It Works

  • Like a digital skin, our devices can transform infrastructure into data collecting assets.
  • Reduce manual inspections, receive alerts for critical set points
  • Transform your static digital twin into a live dynamic digital twin!
  • Move from point in time data to real time intelligence
  • From the city to the bush, our devices
    can communicate insights through a broad range of telecommunication types, including low earth satellites!

Sense & Collect

Install PUK sensors on infrastructure to capture live data and stream to the LiXiA cloud.

Alerts & Dashboard

Receive automated reports and visualise data with essential, timely information to optimise safety, CAPEX/OPEX expenditure and reliability

Data Analytics

Edge processing of data with physics, structural and mechanical engineering analytics.

API Integration

Data is integrated into your preferred ERP, such as SAP


How our products can be utilised to monitor & assess asset health.

Structure Health Monitoring

Helping you extend the life of your assets by monitoring them in real time.

Poles & Lighting: Smart Cities

Collect live engineering data from aging infrastructure / assets through our wireless sensors.

Building Integrity

Actively identify and communicate problems, converting maintenance liabilities into data-generating assets

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring and gathering information to characterise the quality of the environment.


How our product transmits data back to you.


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

LP-WAN Networks


Satellite Backhaul

Let us show you the state of your infrastructure

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