leveraging the Internet of Observation

LiXiA is revolutionising infrastructure by developing low-cost, low-energy, wireless-based sensors for installation on critical infrastructure like structures, utilities and light poles.  Our sensors collect data, process it with cloud-based artificial intelligence, and alert you with key details.

Our sensors are Australian-made and developed in Townsville, Queensland.

LiXiA is revolutionising the built environment

LiXiA has designed products and services to help revolutionise the maintenance, productivity, and liveability of our built environment.

Our robust, low-cost, low-energy wireless sensors work with all types of infrastructure, anywhere!





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How LiXiA Works

Physics & Engineering​

Our sensor platform generates analytics and insight into physical aspects of engineering.

Rapid Installation

Based on wireless technologies, our sensor platform is built for fast installation under all conditions.

AI & Machine Learning​

Various sensors feed data into algorithms for a multi-layered approach to data analytics and processing.

Minimal Downtime

By tracking real-time conditions, you can minimise downtime in your infrastructure and maximise overall production.

Real-time Conditions

Get instant visibility into the precise condition of your critical infrastructure – and get alerts before things change.​

Maintenance Forecasting

Analytics and insight are the core tenets of your new sensor-powered business strategy.​

Ready to reimagine your infrastructure?

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