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Asset monitoring, computational engineering, IoT, AI and big data:
LiXiA is revolutionising the built environment.

Our sensors are Australian-made and developed in Townsville, Queensland.

Our robust, low-cost, low-energy wireless sensors work with all types of infrastructure





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How LiXiA Works

Physics & engineering​

Our sensor platform generates analytics and insight into physical aspects of engineering.

Rapid installation

Based on wireless technologies, our sensor platform is built for fast installation under all conditions.

AI & Machine Learning​

Various sensors feed data into algorithms for a multi-layered approach to data analytics and processing.

Minimal downtime

By tracking real-time conditions, you can minimise downtime in your infrastructure and maximise overall production.

Real-time conditions​

Get instant visibility into the precise condition of your critical infrastructure – and get alerts before things change.​

Maintenance forecasting

Analytics and insight are the core tenets of your new sensor-powered business strategy.​

Ready to reimagine your infrastructure?